Idea of urban elegance

Proud to make clothes
in Barcelona

Name: is a fashion brand founded in Barcelona.

Our minimalist, comfortable pieces are designed to help urban women achieve a unique, feminine style.

We find inspiration in the lives of everyday people and natural landscapes. This leads us to create dynamic collections that¬†feature openings, folds, and gatherings we’ve become known for.

But creating beautiful, wearable clothing is not enough.
At Name:, we believe in sustainable fashion. Our fabrics and buttons come from local supplies, or other European producers in some cases. This process allows us to put more care and quality in our designs, and reinforces our commitment to the textile industry.

Concept, Design & Production

Proud to make clothes in Barcelona.

All designed and produced 100% in Barcelona, that way encouraging again all processes through which passes the collection. Following the same philosophy the trimmings and fabrics used by come from nearby businesses that, at the same time, allow greater care treatment of the product.


Shapes and volumes carefully studied, give rise to a collection of designs that try to combine femininity and comfort. Designed in Barcelona.

Timeless collections

We design thinking with forever garments. Pieces without expiration date made to be loved and weared.


Produced locally. Our garments are made on nearby businesses allow greater care treatment of the product.

Versatile clothes

Urban elegance achieved through versatile designs. All our garments are designed with a multitude of ways to use, thinking the diversity of our costumers.